Meet Usber Lopez - Vestas Travel Tech II

Transitioning from Navy Gas Turbine Systems Tech to Wind was a Breeze

Usber began his career as a Concrete Forman, working in the industry for seven and a half years. While working on a Highway project, Usber saw his first Turbine part--a blade and was fascinated. He began switching his career path the very next day and began pursuing his Associate of Science Degree - Wind Turbines at Western Iowa Tech Community College. After graduating, Usber joined the Navy, where he gained valuable hands-on experience working on many of the same parts used in Wind turbines.

Usber has been working for Vestas since September of 2019, and if everything goes according to plan, he'll be helping Brazil reach their renewable energy goals through Vestas' International program.

Why did you want to pursue a career in wind? 

I was building a section of Hwy I-29 in Iowa and a semi-truck went by with a blade on, I’ve never seen such thing before I thought it was an airplane wing, my boss told me what it was for, that night at home I started researching wind turbines and saw the potential in the future for renewable energies, next day I was calling the school to obtain more information regarding their classes and it has brought me here today.

Why did you choose Vestas? 

“All roads lead to Vestas “ There is only one leader in the industry and everybody likes to be part of the winning team!

What was it like transitioning to the wind industry?

Relatively easy as I picked my MOS In the Navy to be closely related to what I went to school for. In the Navy, I operated, repaired and performed maintenance on gearboxes, components of gas turbine engines, main propulsion machinery, high-speed shafts, propellers and most of that is found inside the nacelle of any turbine.

What advice would you give other Military personnel considering switching to this career path?

I'd say, do your research and ensure a career in wind is right for you. Vestas provides ongoing training and career advancement, and the industry is growing rapidly, so there is a lot of job stability. You should also be willing to travel.

What part of your previous role best prepared you for this transition & why?

Attending Wind turbine school helped me focus on what I wanted to do after the military. Once I was in the Navy, my experience deepened. I was responsible for preventative maintenance and repairs of generators, air compressors, and auxiliary equipment. I also was responsible for guiding and mentoring sailors as a work center supervisor. These skills will help as I move through the career tracking program at Vestas

What is your favorite part of your new position?

I love traveling and working at different sites. This industry is changing and technology is evolving. I really enjoy learning new things from the ground up. I truly enjoy acquiring new knowledge from the most experience techs out here and growing.

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years

Vestas has a 2-year international program, I’d love to have the opportunity to put my previous experience to work for Vestas not only domestic but abroad as well. I'm currently learning a third language (Portuguese) as I would love to be a part of growing the market in Brazil as the country’s current goal of achieving 20GW of wind energy capacity is as ambitious as my plan to achieve a higher career here, I'm excited to see where my career path leads at Vestas.

Does your work experience qualify you for a Wind Tech role?

Many of the skills you've mastered in heavy equipment manufacturing, electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical positions could qualify you to start a career at Vestas. The best way to find out is to connect with a recruiter.

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