Vestas Employee Spotlight

Working at Vestas you will meet people with a broad range of skills, from a variety of cultures. Each month, we highlight a Vestas employee to help you learn more about our positions, culture and your future colleagues.

Investigating a Career in Wind

Meet Mary Parks, Mobile Site Manager at Vestas

Mary Parks was ready to make a career change. She knew she wanted to work in an industry she was passionate about. Staying true to her belief that our time should be spent purposefully, in both work and play, she came to Vestas to pursue a career in renewable energy. 


Keeping the World Up and Running

Meet Chris Kilpatrick, Site Manager at Vestas

Chris Kilpactric joined Vestas in 2012 as a Lead Technician/Tech lll. In April 2018, he was promoted to Site Manager in Henvy Inlet, Canada. Chris walks you through the not-so-typical day at Vestas, and shares a view from the top...of a wind turbine 280 feet high.

Investigating a Career in Wind

Meet Usbar Lopez, Vestas Travel Tech II

Usber joined the Navy, where he gained valuable hands-on experience working on many of the same parts used in Wind turbines that inspired him several years earlier. He's excited for the future. If everything goes according to plan, he'll be helping Brazil reach their renewable energy goals through Vestas' International program.