Wind Energy is one of the fastest-growing segments of renewable energy, making it a sound choice for personnel transitioning out of the Military. When you join the Vestas team, you become part of a community of distinguished Military Vets passionate about making the world a better place through renewable wind energy

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A day in the life of a Vestas Wind Tech
Developing and building wind turbines and service solutions are only part of our business. The skills and experience you bring to our team help us with projects where the scope of work ranges from “simple” supply and commissioning projects to turnkey solutions involving the supply, installation, and commissioning of wind turbines, as well as access roads, foundations, cabling, electrical substations, communication systems, and more. As a result, our value chain stretches across project planning, procurement, manufacturing, construction, and installation through to operation and maintenance. It is a complex process that depends on a highly skilled and dedicated workforce.

Meet Chris Kilpatrick

Many of our Wind Techs come to us with experience outside of the wind industry. You may be wondering what a typical day is like. Watch as Chris Kilpatrick walks you through a not-so-typical day working on wind turbines from 280 feet above the ground. As a site manager, his responsibilities now include ensuring the safety of his team, braving challenging weather conditions in order to keep the lights on in neighboring towns.

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Vestas Safety Protocols

Our "Not On Our Watch" program embodies Vestas America’s approach to safety.  This ethos – that incidents will Not occur On Our Watch aims to decrease safety incidents among colleagues, and to emphasize the interdependence of our decisions regarding safety.

Everyone has their own reasons to stay safe, from goals they want to accomplish in life to the people that would be impacted if they were severely injured or worse.

We are a team, and we look out for each other. We won’t let our fellow colleagues engage in risky behavior or get hurt—Not on Our Watch.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vestas’ vision and mission serve as important beacons for uniting all Vestas’ key stakeholders, most importantly its employees, setting a clear purpose and direction for where the company is heading and how the employees can support that journey

Vision – To be the global leader in sustainable energy solutions, meaning:

  • Lowest cost of energy solutions
  • Preferred partner
  • Leader in revenue
  • Best-in-class margins

Mission – Deliver best-in-class energy solutions to the benefit of Vestas’ customers and the planet. To achieve that mission, we are inspired by our values of Accountability, Collaboration, and Simplicity. These reflect our guiding principles in terms of how we work and engage with each other internally and with the full range of stakeholders externally